Digital Sensing Solutions

USB Accelerometers | Digitize ICP® Sensors

The Modal Shop offers a range of digital sensors to simplify your sound and vibration measurements. From the Digiducer® USB Accelerometer to the Digital ICP® - USB Signal Conditioner, sensors are available to rent or for purchase as permanent additions to your tool kit. More information is available on our digital sensing site -


Digiducer® USB Accelerometer

The Digiducer USB Digital Accelerometer allows users to take professional-grade vibration measurements right from a PC, smartphone, or tablet

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Digital Vibration Meter Kit

Turn your smartphone into a vibration meter. Ideal for all levels of vibration expertise from the novice to the expert.

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485b39 Digital ICP-USB Signal Conditioner

Digital ICP® - USB Signal Conditioner

Easily acquire, save, and share data from accelerometers, microphones, and other ICP-type sensors on-the-go with Digital ICP-USB Signal Conditioner

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USB Digital Sensing Software Options

A range of software applications are available for your sound and vibration testing with Digiducer or the Digital ICP-USB Signal Conditioner

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