Vibration Switch Validation

Testing and Programming with a Portable Vibration Calibrator

Vibration switches come in many shapes and sizes ranging from older, heavy mechanical designs to modern piezoelectric units that are lightweight, programmable and offer a small installation footprint. How they are used to make decisions about the condition of critical rotating equipment has not changed. With a single built in relay or dual relays, switches provide warning or even shut down machinery when vibration amplitudes increase beyond the threshold. The Modal Shop offers a variety of easy-to-use shaker solutions to ensure the accuracy of vibration switches. Portable Vibration Calibrators apply when the switch weighs less than 800 grams. For larger switches – such as mechanical designs – a more powerful, but less portable, shaker is utilized with a smart controller designed for simplicity.


Testing USB Programmable Electronic Vibration Switches
Test, adjust, and confirm USB programmable electronic vibration switches with a Portable Shaker Table.| VIDEO

Electronic Vibration Switch Field Testing and Adjustment
Test and program electronic vibration switch relays to precise vibration thresholds using a Portable Shaker Table. | VIDEO

Vibration Switch Testing Using a Shaker Table
Learn how to test and validate the proper operation of vibration switches, designed for vibration monitoring. | VIDEO