Portable Vibration Calibrators

Troubleshoot and Create Calibration Certificates

Featuring a built in sensitivity display, Portable Vibration Calibrators take loop checks and troubleshooting to the next level. Technicians can instantly diagnose sensor drift in the process of confirming correct vibration alarm operation. These shaker tables also offer built in memory for the creation of calibration reports that are sure to impress auditors and risk engineers. Portable Vibration Calibrators from The Modal Shop are versatile with the ability to calibrate ICP, voltage, charge mode, modulated current, and piezoresistive sensor types in any vibration scale. Memory also stores pre-loaded stepped sine calibration routines that provide pass or fail notification after each test point. Portable Calibrators have the same rugged design and long battery life as Portable Shaker Tables. The devices are NIST traceable and supplied with an accuracy calibration certificate accredited by the A2LA to ISO 17025.

We also carry Portable Shaker Tables for industrial loop checks.